Police: The British Bobby

The uniformed British police constable (PC), commonly known as a bobby or peeler (both after the founder of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Peel), copper or busy, is similar in appearance and attributes in every police force in the country. The constable is, for the most part, solid, dependable, patient, good-natured, calm and unflappable. He … Continue reading Police: The British Bobby


Government: Local Government in Scotland

Scotland was an independent nation until 1707 and some central government functions (including education and justice) are still devolved and run by separate departments based in Edinburgh that answer to the Secretary for Scotland (upgraded to Secretary of State for Scotland in 1926), a member of the British Parliament who has a seat in the … Continue reading Government: Local Government in Scotland

Police: An Overview of British Policing

Great Britain is the home of civil policing. Although police organisations have existed for many centuries throughout the world, they were predominantly paramilitary forces which existed primarily to enforce the government’s will on the populace and suppress banditry and civil unrest. In Britain, however, all that was to change. London’s Metropolitan Police, established in 1829, … Continue reading Police: An Overview of British Policing

Government: Local Government in England and Wales

The whole of Great Britain is divided into counties, including 49 in England and 13 in Wales. Each is administered by an elected county council, which sits in the county town, the capital of the county. Three quarters of the council consists of councillors, elected by popular vote for three-year terms (with one third being … Continue reading Government: Local Government in England and Wales

Government: Great Britain

Great Britain comprises the countries of England, Wales and Scotland, which along with Ireland (Northern Ireland from 1922) make up the United Kingdom. England and Wales share a local governmental and legal system, but Scotland’s systems are substantially different. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy with a bicameral Parliament. The members … Continue reading Government: Great Britain

Criminal Investigation: An International Overview

When a crime has been committed and reported or discovered, it must be investigated. In most instances, the police handle much of this stage too, although it is often a specialist detective branch of the police. But criminal investigators may also be members of other government agencies or work for the prosecutor’s office. Countries differ … Continue reading Criminal Investigation: An International Overview