Metropolitan Police: Thames Division

Thames Division is the marine policing branch of the Metropolitan Police, which patrols the tidal section of the River Thames from Purfleet in the east to Teddington Lock in the west. Thames Division has five police stations, from east to west along the river: Erith, Blackwall, Wapping, Waterloo Pier and Barnes. The division has about … Continue reading Metropolitan Police: Thames Division


Metropolitan Police: Criminal Investigation Department

Detectives are members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). All are former uniformed officers. After a few years on the beat (and an absolute minimum of twelve months), a uniformed constable may apply to transfer to CID. Most potential detectives have previously done plain-clothes work (to control begging, street betting, prostitution, etc). If he is … Continue reading Metropolitan Police: Criminal Investigation Department

Metropolitan Police: The Divisions

The division is the basic unit of policing in the Metropolitan Police. The 23 divisions are grouped into four districts, all administered from Scotland Yard, where the district chief constables (and deputy assistant commissioners from 1933) and their staffs have their offices. The following is a list of each division with its usual name (in … Continue reading Metropolitan Police: The Divisions