Local Government in France

Administratively, France is divided into 89 départements (counties), each of which is usually divided into three or four arrondissements (districts). These are headed respectively by a préfet (prefect) and a sous-préfet (sub-prefect), who are civil servants appointed by the President of the Republic and are responsible to the Minister of the Interior. Their offices, and … Continue reading Local Government in France


Local Government in Scotland

Scotland was an independent nation until 1707 and some central government functions (including education and justice) are still devolved and run by separate departments based in Edinburgh that answer to the Secretary for Scotland (upgraded to Secretary of State for Scotland in 1926), a member of the British Parliament who has a seat in the … Continue reading Local Government in Scotland

Government: Great Britain

Great Britain comprises the countries of England, Wales and Scotland, which along with Ireland (Northern Ireland from 1922) make up the United Kingdom. England and Wales share a local governmental and legal system, but Scotland’s systems are substantially different. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy with a bicameral Parliament. The members … Continue reading Government: Great Britain